Hoopoe Easter!

Easter with Hoopoe modelling Sue Chadwick silver jewellery

Hoopoe Easter and Hello Spring!

Goodness me, March gave us a run for our money with water falling from the sky in all shapes and sizes in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Watching the snow flurries dance around, at speed, in the Shropshire sunshine last week reminded me of growing up in Zimbabwe where we called rain through the sunshine a monkey’s wedding. No idea what simultaneous sunshine and snow flurries might be called - a polar bear’s wedding perhaps?!

I am very ready for Spring, warmth, sandals, daffodils, blue skies and fresh inspirations…(and a few Easter eggs!)

Which leads me to my big news...I am about to launch my brand spanking (and sparkling) new Sue Chadwick collection!

And my inspiration for this Collection is…you guessed it...WATER! Our life force and…but more on that very soon. :-)

Meanwhile here’s a beaded Hoopoe modelling some recent jewellery additions and some classic SUE CHADWICK designs.

Happy Easter


Sue xox

Hoopoe Easter from Sue Chadwick jewellery