New Indulgence Collection

Indulgence collection, designer sterling silver jewellery Friends and long-time customers have often said to me, “Sue, we have known you for ages and have bought most of your jewellery over the years...but we often see you wearing one-off pieces that are not on your website. Where can we get our hands on those spontaneous, crazy pieces that we see you modeling!?” A very good question, so here’s the answer! Indulgence

As it seems that I can't stop creating one-off pieces when the creative urge grabs me (which is often!), and those lovely pieces don’t always fit neatly into a whole new collection, I have concocted a cunning plan... :)

Ta-dah! Today I’m thrilled to unveil a collection of all those one-off, sculptural “just because” jewellery pieces…Click here to browse my new Indulgence Collection and see what I have been cooking up in my studio recently.

You can also see what might have given me inspiration for various pieces, or how they grew from doodles in my sketchbook. I can size the rings, bracelets and cuffs to fit, and pendants can be worn at any length you would like.

Match and marry these zany creations with some of the Sue Chadwick pieces you already own… Or you might just spot a “can't live without it” piece and decide it doesn't matter a jot if it needs to have the stage all to itself!

Happy Indulging

Love Sue xx