Secret life of the Balancing Rocks Pendant

Sometimes when you design and make a piece of jewellery, you never realise that it’s going to lead another life completely!!

Allow me to introduce you to the Balancing Rocks specs holder... Yes! You can hook your glasses through your Balancing Rocks pendant so that they are handy for when you need them…it makes perfect sense now.

I have heard from a few happy wearers that the Balancing Rocks pendant  makes THE perfect hook for that extra pair of reading glasses or sunglasses, keeping them close at hand for the sudden need to read a phone message or a miniscule price label.

Have you discovered an alternate bonus use for your Sue Chadwick Jewellery? 

Do tell! I would love to know if your jewellery is multitasking or leading a secret life! :)

I don't think it would be classed as recycled or upcycled, but perhaps it should be called Sue-per-cycled… Groan…you're welcome!!

x Sue