Stretching our wings again

Imitating a newly emerging butterfly (albeit a rather well-fed one), we gingerly ease our way outdoors and spread our wings. Invoke dulcet David Attenborough-esque tones (and yes, I did watch the entire series of the BBC's Springwatch this year), lambing live, etc…. 

Adapt, wash hands, walk, count blessings, freak out, wash hands, walk again, embrace what is, declutter, panic, wine, zoom…more decluttering…and a bit more wine! I think that covers it for my major activities over the last few months. 

But now it's full speed ahead here at Sue Chadwick HQ! I'm thrilled to say that my jewellery suppliers and the London Assay Office are back in business and moving carefully and safely at their new speed. 

It feels so good to stretch my wings, find my card machine, dust off my displays (and myself), order more business cards, stock up on humongous bottles of hand sanitiser and generally get ready to set up at my first post-lockdown craft market in Shrewsbury this Saturday 11 July. (and then 1st and 8th August too).

So, if you are in the area or fancy a stroll around Shrewsbury, please do come by to say hello I'll be the hairy woman surrounded by sparkling silver. There are high street road closures from 11am to provide safe pedestrian distancing and meandering. I look forward to seeing you through my visor protection.

As we all emerge into the sunshine (ever hopeful), may we all stay strong and with our sanity and senses of humour intact.

Love Sue xx