Super Summer!

We've had some great weather and my sparkling silver is getting its chance to shine in the sun! 

Summer sports are in full swing and soon I'll be glued to the Wimbledon tennis coverage with Pimms and strawberries and lashings of cream at the ready.

Some of your grander holiday ambitions may now have been traded for a local creek with/without paddle. Fortunately there is an abundance of lovely local creeks, streams, rivers, lochs, lakes and seas to explore, accompanied by wine and song and (I hope) glorious sunshine. 

I am thrilled to have managed to exhibit at three wonderful outdoor face-to-face events so far this year and intend to keep making and carrying on calmly into the future, so do keep an eye out for future events on my website page here.

AND not forgetting all the fabulous fathers out there on Father's Day, and special love and memories of my own darling Dad.

Happy sunshine, tennis and showing off your silver jewellery...I look forward to seeing you soon! 


Sue x